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Friday October 3

  1. Meet at SNOLAB at 7:00 AM and return to surface at approximately 1:00 PM.
  2. Meet at SNOLAB at 10:45 AM and return to surface at 4:30 PM.
Tour times now final. A sandwich lunch will be provided on surface after the first tour and before the second tour.

Please remember

Saturday, October 4


8:30WelcomeA. Noble
8:35Status of SNOLAB DevelopmentF.Duncan ppt
9:05SNOLAB OperationsA. Noble ppt
Review/Status of Experimental Program: Dark Matter and Supernova
9:20PicassoV. Zacek ppt
10:00COUPP I. Levine pdf
11:00Super CDMSW. Rau pdf
11:40HALOS. Yen/C.J. Virtue ppt

Lunch is served at 12:30PM.


Review/Status of Experimental Program: Dark Matter
13:30DEAP-1C. Jillings/B. Cai ppt, pdf
14:05DEAP/CLEANM.Boulay ppt
14:40miniCLEANA. Hime pdf
15:35DUSEL update from NSFJ. Kotcher pdf
16:05EAC in camera
16:05Time available for breakout groups

Saturday Evening, October 4

Conference Dinner: At the Lakehouse Restaurant at Science North. Drinks at 6:30PM. Dinner at 7:30.

Sunday, October 5


Review/Status of Experimental Program: Neutrino
8:30SNO+M. Chen ppt
9:10EXOD. Sinclair ppt
Non-particle Physics Program
9:50Possible New measurement of GA. Kumarakrishnan
10:50EAC in camera
News from Around the Labs
11:30CobraH. Krawczynski
12:00Edelweiss, Eureca and UlisseP. Di Stephano pdf

Lunch at 12:30 PM.


13:30CuoreM. Vignati pdf
14:00GerdaK-T Knoepfle pdf
14:30Feedback from EACS. Smith
14:55Closing RemarksA. Noble

Ramsey Lake
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