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Message from Tony Noble

Dear Colleagues:

We will be holding a SNOLAB workshop in Sudbury on October 4th and 5th, 2008. There will also be an opportunity for tours on October 3rd for those who wish to get underground to see the SNOLAB facility and SNO detector. The workshop will cover those areas of science related to the underground science program of SNOLAB. A major part of the workshop will be devoted to the astroparticle physics program, including dark matter, neutrinoless double beta decay, neutrinos and supernovae monitoring.

The excavation and basic outfitting of SNOLAB facility is expected to be complete in October, 2008. Hence at the time of this workshop, a very detailed understanding of the final infrastructure should be in hand. Note that the workshop website is now operational and accepting registrations. Please see for practical details about the workshop.

The main goals of the workshop will be:

  1. To review the progress of approved SNOLAB experiments and to discuss their infrastructure and personnel resource needs.
  2. To review new applications to the Experimental Advisory Committee.
  3. To hear of new scientific ideas related to the SNOLAB program.
  4. To review the initial assignments for space underground.

It is our intent to leave the meeting with a well defined roadmap towards realizing the current experimental program so that we can move forward on getting several experiments installing equipment in the new facility by the end of 2008. We will also want to have a clear picture of the infrastructure needs of the experiments so where possible, we can tailor the infrastructure installation to suit. To this end, we are making a renewed call for Letters of Interest and Proposals to be received by SNOLAB by September 5th, 2008. If your project wishes to be sited at SNOLAB within the next two years, please prepare a proposal stating this clearly. In addition, we would like to receive requests for development or prototyping space.

Best Regards,

Tony Noble,
SNOLAB Director

Construction and Program Status

Construction of SNOLAB is progressing well. The 3,160 square meter surface facility has been operational since 2005. Underground, the excavation for Phase I, the large Cube Hall (for 15m scale experiments) and the smaller Ladder Labs (for 6m scale experiments) is now complete. In August, 2007, funding was received for Phase II, the second large experimental hall called the Cryopit, and the excavation of this was completed in May, 2008. Outfitting of the civil work and infrastructure for Phase I and the relocation of the clean/dirty boundary of the laboratory from the existing SNO area to the new facility entrance is well advanced now, and the main laboratory spaces associated with Phase I are ready for initial occupancy. Phase II excavation will be completed in the fall of 2008 with occupancy in early 2009.

SNOLAB status

Phase I will expand the underground class 2000 clean room space to 3,899 square meters with 2,427 square meters of that space available for the experiments. Phase II will increase the total clean room space of the facility to 4,942 square meters of which 3,055 square meters is experiment space. In total there will be four major experimental areas in SNOLAB: the existing SNO Cavern, the Cube Hall, the Ladder Labs and the Cryopit. As well there will be space available for smaller prototyping efforts. In addition to the experimental spaces there will be infrastructure for shipping and receiving of materials under clean room conditions, machine and electronics shops, a chemistry facility, low background counting facilities and some material storage space. The initial facility will have available approximately 0.5 to 1 MW of power and cooling capacity for experiments. Details on the design of the laboratory and infrastructure can be found in the SNOLAB Users Handbook (pdf).

Cube Hall
A tour group visiting the cube hall. This area is ready for the installation of experiments.

Ramsey Lake
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